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The audio documentary that follows one band on their journey to creating a hit.
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Jan 19, 2017

From a basement in Connecticut to the festival stage in Texas. From a lectern in California to a prison in Ohio. From a piano riff in a cold apartment to a nightly finisher on the open road. In the season finale of How Hits Made, we uncover that although "Take Me To The River" was not the hit Great Caesar needed, they've achieved more than they thought they would.

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How Hits Made is a five part podcast series. You can listen to the entire series on iTunes or Stitcher or wherever you enjoy podcasts!

Jan 12, 2017

In the penultimate episode of How Hits Made, Great Caesar is in the studio, rehearsing and recording the final version of “Take Me to the River”. It's late January 2016 and the band members share their excitement for their new sound featured on the upcoming album, Jackson's Big Sky. Great Caesar has come a long way and we know the odds are stacked against them. But even a one in a million shot, is still a chance. Will "Take me to the River" be the hit they needed?

How Hits Made is a five part podcast series. The conclusion premieres Thursday January, 19th.

Jan 5, 2017

It's November 2015 and John Michael Parker returns to his childhood home in Connecticut to organize his ideas into a concrete piece of music, the building blocks that would become “Take Me to the River”. In Part Three of How Hits Made, the band reflects on hearing the demo for the first time and we learn how visits to Marion Correctional Facility influenced the band's music. Also, the industry professionals are back to weigh in on what they think it takes to make a "hit".

How Hits Made is a five part podcast series. Part Four premieres Thursday January, 12th.